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Country flag
Real Aranjuez - Alcala
Tip: Real Aranjuez (DC)
@ 2.100
1:2 Lost
Country flag
Rostov - Tambov
Tip: Over 3.5 (o/u)
@ 2.620
2:0 Lost
Country flag
Barcelona vs Granada
Free Tip: Granada (1x2)
@ 22.440
1:2 WON
Country flag
Managua - Ferretti
Tip: Managua (1x2)
@ 1.800
3:1 WON
Country flag
America - Potiguar
Tip: Over 3.5 (o/u)
@ 2.500
4:0 WON

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Country flag
Peñaranda - La Granja
Tip: Peñaranda
@ 3.000
2:1 WON
Country flag
Pontedera - Pro Vercelli
Tip: Over 3.5 (o/u)
@ 7.000
2:2 WON
Country flag
River Plate - San Lorenzo
Tip: San Lorenzo (DNB)
@ 6.500
1:2 WON
Country flag
Orijent 1919 - Sesvete
Tip: Over 3.5 (o/u)
@ 2.400
0:2 Lost
Country flag
Mainz - Bayern Munich
Free Tip: Mainz (1x2)
@ 9.000
2:1 WON

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Football Value Bets – What They Are And Where To Find Them?

Among fans of sports betting, the term "value bets" is very popular. What does it mean and how should novice bettors work with it? Is it possible to really play exclusively on value in bets and win thanks to this strategy? Let's try to figure it out. To begin with, it is worth defining the concept of "value bet". Value bet is a variant in which the player gets a certain advantage over the line of the bookmaker. To put it simply, an overestimated coefficient. The game at such rates is called the value betting strategy. That is, the player conducts his own analysis of the sporting event, compares his estimates of the probability with the odds of the bookmaker and finds some discrepancy.

Why do values appear in the lines of bookmakers?

  • Wrong bookmaker analysis of a sporting event. The bookmaker does not always ideally line up the lines for non-top events in the sports world. If a player knows the lower leagues of a division well, has information about the lineups, injuries, current form, etc., then he gets a certain advantage in the initial assessment of the match line. It is difficult to use such data, since you have to be completely immersed in the topic, which is always difficult when it comes to small leagues and championships. In addition, the bookmaker responds very quickly to any deposited amounts on one of the outcomes and quickly changes the line.
  • Bookmaker error. Bookmaker lines, especially when there are many events in them, are not always perfectly spelled out. But this cannot be called a “valuable bet”, since in the overwhelming majority of cases the bookmaker will calculate such a choice at a coefficient of 1.0.
  • Dropping odds. Not the most obvious type of value. In this case, the player observes how the line moves for the match, how the odds change. Value appears when odds for one of the outcomes become abnormally low. It is beneficial to play the opposite bet here, since an incorrect assessment of the event appears due to the line load. These are the so-called overweight bets. Sometimes the bookie, for personal reasons or for other reasons, is in no hurry to change the odds for a sporting event after other bookmakers on the market. In this case, the player can take advantage of the fact that some bookmaker has a more attractive, valuable odds per event. As you can see, the value betting strategy implies maximum involvement in the world of sports betting. Without his own analysis, the player will simply get lost in forecasts, expert assessments, etc.

Should you use value betting in your bets?

Value bets are not a myth in the sports betting world, but a very real working term. If the player knows how to find inconsistencies in the bookmaker's lines, he can use it. Many novice gamblers ask themselves the question “how to make money on value bets?”, And here is the time to warn them. Every novice player should understand that the search for value betting is a difficult and painstaking job, for which beginners are mostly not ready in principle. Bookmakers try to react as quickly as possible to their mistakes: it is not always possible to make a bet for a “valuable coefficient”, and the value bet turns into a regular one or disappears from the line altogether. Therefore, you can use the value betting strategy, it is not prohibited anywhere. But this option is not available to every bettor. Bookmakers have significantly improved their literacy level in the initial line placement, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find truly misjudged bets. In addition, this is a sport, and here no one will give a 100% guarantee of victory. It is extremely important when using the value betting strategy to analyze not one or two bets, not even ten. You need to watch a long distance. Only it will show how correctly the player interprets the concept of value.

Football Value Tips provides football betting tips from pro tipsters.

All statistics are 100% verified, every football tip, without exception, can be checked on

This is a value betting system. We build in a minimum profit margin that we want to make, then search for instances where bookmakers are offering odds that give us that margin, or more. We will only bet when we have the value price or higher, if we didn’t do this the method would not work. So it is very important that you place the bets at the odds we state. Otherwise, you will not succeed!

Single bets (1X2, Asian Lines and Over/Under).

Our football tips are with average odds between 1.70 and 3.00.

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