Automatic football forecasts Robobet

Automatic Football Forecasts (Robobet)

Robobet is a automated program that, based on a special mathematical algorithm and a number of criteria, calculates the probability of a certain team winning. For more accurate calculations, statistics on the latest games, the dynamics and stability of the team, its strength, news about transfers, injured players and much more are taken into account. By simple manipulations, the system calculates and distributes the probability of winning the team from the coefficients offered by the bookmaker. For example, the hosts can win the match with a 60% probability; the probability of a draw is 20%, and the probability of a victory for the guests is 20%. The robot will offer to bet on the home team. The simplest Robobets work according to this scheme. More advanced versions use team statistics, game quality, stability and dynamics as a base, as well as a possible place in the table at the end of the season. The program simply collects information on sports from different sources and processes it. For a large number of matches, bookmaker's odds are roughly similar: low for favorites and high for outsiders. You can do the same analysis work yourself, or you can use Robobet data - this will save your time.


The football robobet is just an assistant in the formation of a bet, but not the coveted "loot" button. Think for yourself, analyze, follow the football, bet without excitement and with a cool head and you will be happy. We just shared our observations, and we find this tool very useful to use when you want to bet on some kind of football game.

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