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Both Teams To Score Predictions

Free both teams to score (BTS) betting tips

and high odds btts football predictions.

Brazil Serie A Prediction
Brazil Serie A
Atletico-MG v Palmeiras
🄣 Yes (Both Teams To Score)

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What Does Both Teams to Score Mean?

A “both teams to score” bet with the options “yes” or “no” is a bet that both teams will score at least one goal against each other or, conversely, will not do so.

The bet "both to score - yes" wins when both teams hit each other's goal. How the ball was scored does not matter, so own goals also count. The bet "both teams to score - no" wins if there is a goalless draw or one of the teams wins a clean sheet.

In betting lines, abbreviations are often used, so it is important to know how this type of bet is indicated in bets and how to understand these abbreviations.

The option is usually given in two versions: "both teams to score - yes" and "both teams to score - no", you can bet on either. Often, instead of the full name, the abbreviation "BTTS" is used in the bookmakers' lines.

Important! If a football match involves a penalty shoot-out, then the outcome of the bet "both teams to score" will be settled only in regular time, excluding goals scored in extra time and penalty shoot-outs.

Bets on BTTS: Variations

Normal Both Teams to Score bets require you to wager either "yes" or "no" to whether you think both teams will score. However, there are several variations on this, including:

Both Teams to Score & Over/Under – This bet combines Both Teams to Score and Over/Under a certain amount of goals in the match, which is usually set at 2.5 goals.

BTTS & Result – This means that you select a bet in the BTTS market as well as your predicted outcome for the match.

BTTS in Both Halves – In this market, it is very difficult to find a winner, but if you back "yes," the odds are extremely good.

Basically, both teams must score in the first half and again in the second half. The odds offered by most bets in this market are between 8.00 and 50.00.

BTTS Bet: When Should You Place It

As the name suggests, this bet focuses on goals scored. Therefore, it won't work if you expect defensive football from teams.

Based on the statistics of the selected teams, the analysis should be carried out: how many goals were scored, how many goals were conceded, and how they performed against teams of the same level.

The strategy of playing "both to score" implies that you will choose teams with a clear imbalance in the direction of attack.

That is, teams that are able to consistently score, but do not know how to stop the opponents' attacks.

Therefore, both teams from a selected match must go through the following "checklist":

When should you not bet on BTTS?

In football matches where two teams with differences in class meet, you always want to catch a high odds, but at the same time with the least degree of risk.

A huge number of teams are simply underestimated by bookmakers and inflated odds are offered for their victory or goal.

This situation especially often arises when such giants of world football as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus or Man City play.

With absolutely each of the top teams in the world, you can remember several examples when the underdog beat them with a minimal score. That is why betting on both sides to score in such confrontations is very risky.

A bet on the goals of both teams in a confrontation between the clear leaders and outsiders differs from the goal of the underdog by several hundredths.

This difference will not bring the bettor untold wealth, but the risk of losing will increase.

This is due to the fact that sometimes the favorites approach the game in terrible physical shape and do not show even half of their power.

The execution of chances also plays an important role; sometimes the underdogs score a goal as a result of one good attack and a single shot on target, while the opponent constantly has the initiative and makes many shots.

Sometimes outsiders manage to score a very quick goal, after which they sit down in defense as a team.

Even the most renowned teams and players cannot always overcome defensive redoubts when all 10 outfield players are constantly behind the line of the ball.

You also need to choose a match in which to take the underdog’s goal wisely. This requires that the favorites are not in the best shape or that they have previously played an important and difficult match in European competition.

Also, such misfires by leaders often occur after a break for national team matches.

Pros and Cons of the "both teams to score" strategy

The main advantages of this category of football bets include the following: The disadvantages of "both teams to score" bets include the following:


Football betting on BTTS is extremely popular for a reason. BTTS bets are valid until the very last minute of a game, but it can also be won quickly if both teams score early.

There is a higher chance of winning with this market than with winner markets, and it is simple to understand. The BTTS market also has better payouts than most betting markets with a lower risk.

It is important to analyze the teams properly in order to be sure each has a good chance of scoring if you want to win a bet on BTTS.

BTTS bets offer excellent value, and you can increase their value by combining them with bets from other markets. You can select this option alone or in conjunction with Over/Under Correct Score and Match Result.


⍰ Both Teams to Score FAQs

⸺ Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions.

Both Teams to Score is a bet that both teams will score at least one goal each or, on the contrary, will not do so.

This type of betting is popular in football and hockey.

The most popular classic option is "BTTS - yes" (each team will score a goal) and "BTTS - no" (one team or both will not score). Some bookmakers also offer the following types:

Goals Galore betting is another name for both teams to score, which, as the name suggests, is a bet in which both teams must score.

Both Teams to Score bets are very simple, so any beginner can understand how they work. However, these types of bets do have some specific rules that need to be adhered to.

Despite it seeming pretty straightforward - either both teams score or they don't - these rules help clarify a few grey areas. The following rules should be considered when placing bets:

For this bet to win, both teams must score during the full time of the game. To meet this requirement, both teams would have to score within 90 minutes. If the game goes into extra time after full time, these goals do not count.

A Both Teams Score Bet only requires you to worry about it if it gets to full time with a 0-0 score. To determine the winner, extra time may be required. In your case, however, you would lose the BTTS wager since no goals were scored before the final whistle.

An extra time period is the time added to the clock to decide the winning side. This is the time when both teams are attempting to score the winning goal.

This is not the same as injury time. Injury time refers to time taken away from the game due to an injury during the 90 minutes.

As an example, if a player is carried off the field and it takes three minutes from the full 90 minutes, three minutes will be added at the end. In BTTS wagers, this is counted.

If the score is 0-0 and both teams score in the additional three minutes of injury time, you win.

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